Due Diligence and Fire Risk Assessments

Due diligence assessments provide investors with essential code compliance and financial information prior to purchasing existing buildings.  This information is important for making investors aware of code compliant liabilities and providing guidance for short and long term financial responsibilities. 


Fire risk assessments and condition assessments are important for evaluating existing buildings based on today’s building and fire codes; providing facility owners with guidance on correcting fire and life safety deficiencies.  These types of assessments are important for reducing liabilities and evaluating out-of-date life safety systems.  In addition, fire risk assessments involve fire inspections to evaluate buildings based on local fire code requirements.  These frequent fire inspections are essential to ensure code compliance to prevent Fire Marshal noted deficiencies.    


Reardon Fire Consulting’s engineers and fire inspectors have conducted these types of assessments throughout the United States and the Caribbean and will provide detailed assessment reports which will far exceed expectations.  Furthermore, we will help see you through all deficiencies by providing guidance during the procurement and construction phases.  If we are evaluating your out-of-date life safety systems, we will provide you with upgrade and life-cycle cost guidance to ensure your new life safety system exceed current code requirements.