Emergency Planning & Pre-Planning

Emergency action planning is a key ingredient to maintaining an adequate level of life safety to building occupants.  Many facilities, including high-rise buildings and assembly occupancies, require emergency action plans in accordance with fire codes and OSHA standards.  Building systems and life safety systems provide a certain level of protection during an emergency event however; an emergency action plan will further prepare occupants by having specific procedures and responsibilities established.  Training, educating, and emergency drills are also enveloped in an emergency action plan in order to improve occupant behavior and familiarization.


When an emergency occurs, we depend on our Fire Department to quickly and effectively mitigate and control the emergency.  A facility pre-plan contains key information to the Fire Department to aid in their operational response such as floor plan layouts, hazardous areas, fire hose valve locations, etc.  These pre-plans allow the Fire Department to adjust their operations and streamline their efforts in controlling the emergency; ultimately reducing property loss and increasing rescue efforts.


Whether you are a property owner or local Fire Department, Reardon Fire Consulting can assist you with properly creating and implementing an emergency action plan or facility pre-plan.  Our engineers and fire inspectors have extensive experience in preparing for various types of emergencies and have hands-on experience with fire department operations.  Our staff has over 25 years of fire service experience and are still active members with local Fire Departments.